A short, docu-fiction exploration of bipolar disorder. The piece aims to educate audiences via the use of artistic filmmaking and VFX. Created and released in support of mental health awareness month, May 2022 .
The topic of mental health is still often ignored or shunned here in Japan. This short aims to shed light on people living with bipolar disorder, in Japan and globally. The story of our character is based on true stories of bipolar volunteers.
Roles: Director, art director, VFX supervisor, graphic designer, animator and VFX editor
The film is viewable here: https://vimeo.com/714106728​​​​​​​
Art Direction note from Yasmine Khalia

For the sake of immersing the viewers in the protagonist's world, a variety of different video editing techniques, VFX and art styles were combined. Considering this, I thought it was very important not to overload the audience and obscure the educational goal and underlying message.
I structured the script into clear topical categories from the transcript from my co-director. This transcript was from interviews with volunteers suffering bipolar disorder that my co-director had conducted. From here I could start to brainstorm the visual approach, motion graphic title designs needed and plot out the storyboards.
While creating the storyboards, I began to strategise the visual environment for how the narrated experiences and emotions would be communicated.  This is where my role as an art director led the creative production planning process.  How could I use art and VFX to bring the audience on the emotional journey of our character? 
This is my favourite part of the creative process involving quick, experienced, creative problem solving and premeditation.  Especially concerning how the VFX would need to be implemented during shooting to maintain harmony throughout the flow of the script.
From here I began to plan set design, direct lighting, composition, direct HMU, wardrobe, title designs, the interaction of 2D hand drawn animation with film, VFX techniques, scene by scene cast directions and finally how the story would be consequently paced as a sum of all these factors. 
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